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Located in Rochester, New York, ONE Wellness Center provides a broad range of holistic wellness services to individuals, groups, and businesses. Through education, counseling/consultation, and various forms of bodywork and energy work, ONE encourages you to tap into your true self and live life fully. Whether you stop in for a class or private session, browse the Wellness Library, or escape into the Meditation Room for awhile, everyone is welcome at ONE.

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​​​​​​​​Experience the Harp. Stop in Anytime. 

It's FREE!​​

​​​All Fridays in October

 11 am - 3 pm​​​

​​Meet harpist Christina Ivanna and learn more about harp healing. In addition, you’re invited to sit at the harp and create your own harp music (no experience needed!). You'll leave feeling peaceful and renewed.​​


   The Crystal Healing Bed, created by John of God in Brazil, offers a great approach to balance and realign your chakras (7 human energy centers).

Sessions: 20 mins. ($20), 30 mins. ($25),

45 mins. ($35) and 60 mins. ($50

To make an appointment, call 585.645.4221.


Congratulations to ONE's harp healer Christina Ivanna whose recently-released CD of harp music, Strings of Light, is spotlighted on the Tank Center for Sonic Arts' home page. The CD is $15 (includes tax) and available at ONE. To reserve a copy, call ONE at 585.645.4221.

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