Harp Meditation with Christina Ivanna: June 24 and March 11, 2018



Jamming at ONE: February 18, 2018


Fit to be Healed Workshop with Maureen Hann: November 30, 2017

  • Activate your inner healer for physical fitness, emotional strength, and spiritual vitality



Harp CD Launch and ONE Open House: May 20, 2018

ONE's harp healer Christina Ivanna and musician Daniel Hulett, who plays the flute, acoustic guitar and Tibetan singing bowls (not all at one time!), share their music. 

They plan to offer several Sunday afternoon "jams" throughout the year.

ONE's harp healer Christina Ivanna is a lifetime lover of music, dance, and sound healing. Her experience at the TANK Center for Sonic Arts in Rangely, Colorado, last July has inspired her to explore with her harp, and take it to another level.

Christina will be offering several "Harp Meditations" during 2018. In addition to listening and feeling at peace in mind, body and soul, you'll have an opportunity to play the harp too!                                                                        

​​ONE Wellness Center

It's official! ONE's harp healer Christina Ivanna's first harp CD has been been launched. Listen to the amazing sounds of eight pieces selected for this CD. The Strings of Light is $15 (includes tax) and is available at ONE Wellness Center.

Maureen is a best-selling author, Goal Achievement Coach, and Expert Healer. She has developed a coaching system using energy healing and nutrition to transform hectic lives into healthy, whole and peaceful ones by aligning goals

with core values to break through limiting beliefs and foster inner harmony. 

Visit www.runyouramazinglife.com.