​​ONE Wellness Center

Join ONE as a Rochester advertiser. (Our ad is on the back cover.)  To take advantage of  Holistic Resource's "New Advertiser Special" of 20% off for 3 months,

please call Cheryl at 607.902.4064.

Expanding from Central New York, The NorthEastern Holistic Resource is now in Rochester. Welcome!


  • June 2017: Don't miss Barb Klein's "Disconnect to Connect" (page 11) and June's Spotlight article on ONE, pages 12-13.
  • May 2017: Rochester's Nancy Gong is the Featured Artist.
  • April 2017: Helena Listowski's article on "The Lymphatic System: Waste Disposal and Water Management of the Body" starts on page 12.
  • March 2017: Check out Grace LaDelfa's article on "The Art of Hypnotherapy"(pages 14-15).

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