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Join ONE as a Rochester advertiser. (Our ad is on the back cover each month.)  To take advantage of  Holistic Resource's "New Advertiser Special" of 20% off for 3 months,

please call Cheryl at 607.902.4064.

Expanding from Central New York, The NorthEastern Holistic Resource is now in Rochester. We are thrilled to announce that distribution locations include the Pittsford and East Avenue Wegmans.


  • September 2017: Michele Law's "You Have Gone Gluten Free. Is It Enough?" (pages 12-13)
  • June 2017: Barb Klein's "Disconnect to Connect" (page 11) and June's Spotlight article on ONE, pages 12-13.
  • May 2017: Rochester's Nancy Gong is the Featured Artist.
  • April 2017: Helena Listowski's article on "The Lymphatic System: Waste Disposal and Water Management of the Body" starts on page 12.
  • March 2017: Check out Grace LaDelfa's article on "The Art of Hypnotherapy"(pages 14-15).

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